Artist Statement

Custom lettering is an art form that I have been involved with commercially for over 25 years. Early in my career I worked as a package designer and illustrator for art studios in the Chicago area. Those were the pre digital days when lettering was created using ellipse templates, french curves, rapidograph pens, speedball nibs, rubylith, stat cameras, blue lines and airbursh with acrylics. There was no vector software or "Command Z" available for quick client revisions and deadlines were just as tight as they are in present day.


There is a basic lettering fundamental that has remained constant for me throughout the years and will never change. Custom lettering has to be readable no matter how it is created. Lettering has rhythm, flow including spacial relationship with positive and negative balance. If a consumer can not easily read the lettering on a printed package then it fails. My goal while working with designers has always been to create beautiful easy to read lettering with rhythm and balance no matter what the style is. A consumer will be able to read my lettering when it is on packaging in a store, or used for a billboard, magazine ad, television, web or other applications. All the lettering I create is hand drawn and produced in digital format. No set type fonts are used. I start with sketches sent by a designer or rough concepts that I provide at the onset of a project.


All of the samples on this web site have been used for commercial projects. I tend not to show a variety of printed material with my lettering as I can not take full credit of the end result used on package designs and for advertising promotions. My work is just one step of the commercial process that combines high quality art and technical expertise to provide clients with unique custom lettering that will make their projects both successful and award winning.


Alan Ariail

studio: 847-991-7471